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Blueberry finished her fourth album: Tempest in a Teacup. Stay tuned for release date and more live shows to come in Summer ’10…


Read an article in the Chronogram Magazine about Blueberry!


Blueberry’s ORGANIKA is one of 5 finalists for ALBUM OF THE YEAR in the 2008 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS in the category of DANCE/ELECTRONICA!!!

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Blueberry on All Music Guide


THE LITTLE ONES – Witness and hear this search in live song-effects-beats, film-projection and dance. You will change the show!

HAVE ANOTHER PILLOW – The Popera – Blueberry’s Have Another Pillow is a rockin’-dance-faerietale-oldschoolfilm-cartoony-good time visit to sleeping, dreaming and waking and how it parallels the cycle of death, the afterlife and rebirth. Starring Michael Wiener: Le Mat (The Fool), Rima Fand:The Phoenix, Carla Stangenberg: Turn the Page Faerie/The Fire,Edgar Oliver: Narrator, Elias Khan: Demigod of the Tune, Gwen Snyder: Blueberry and Brian Geltner: Drums, Kenny Siegal: Bass & Guitar Tim Vaughn: Trombone & Fred Wright: Trumpet


“Blueberry is about as delicious as it gets. The cosmic creaminess of Gwen Snyders vocal delivery is as suggestive and succulent as Lady Miss Kiers and her outstanding songs, which dance somewhere between disco and straight up funk have a soulfulness so liquid they cant help but be intoxicating.” -Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide

“With a golden voice and brilliant instrumentation, Snyder is making a large impact on a growing movement in pop music. Her production and melodic approach are way too contemporary to dismiss as reheated funk. No comparison ultimately makes much sense alongside the dynamic range of sounds that Blueberry so skillfully brings into the mix. There is an amazing feeling of authenticity and craftsmanship, especially in the down-tempo moments when Snyders voice goes heavenward with soulful aplomb.” – Zac Shaw, The Woodstock Times

“With Blueberrys new album Organika, Snyder seduces with her lush, dreamy fare and has come into her own this time. Clever arranging and producing is rampant, as are juicy songs, and there are more melodic hooks than in a tackle box. This is what pop music used to be like, and what it should be again.” – David Malachowski, Chronogram

“If calling Blueberry the illegitimate offspring of Prince and Kate Bush sounds like a slam, we assure you it isnt. Really how else do you explain the ambition and audacity of Have Another Pillow, a dreamy concept album on which Snyders light, slightly eccentric coo sails out in memorable tunes wrapped in vintage soul arrangements?” – Time Out New York

Blueberry has concocted a hypnotizing brew! Organika confirms what weve felt for years. Blueberry is an artist with a singularly unique lyrical and musical vision. This is artistry that simply must be heard.” – Mark Fried, President Spirit Music Group Publishing

“Blueberry manages to find the spaces between sixties psychedelia, classic Motown, lying in a meadow on a warm spring day with someone you love, the Aborigine concept of Dream Time, a drink of cool water when youre really thirsty, Laura Nyro, the place I hope to go to when I die, John Lennon and the Spirit of a bunny rabbit. She brings a return of real melody and lushness to her pop, without nostalgia, but with refreshing romantic optimism. If this is the future of original, unashamed Brian Wilson-esque pop, bring it on!” – Bill Kates, XM Radio

“Gwen Snyder is one of the most original musicians I know. Her songs are imaginative, soulful and moving. I dont know of another musician who straddles the breadth of music that Gwen does so naturally.” – Mark McKenna, Manager Allaire Studios/Johnny Society

“…soft, sensual, soulful sounds; dizzy, fuzzy, melancholy melodiesfuse with early funk, urban soul, tropical horns and cozy beats. special songs. pure. genius.” – Paul Higgins, Host of Nightshade 98.1 WKZE

“Blueberry’s lush instrumentation coupled with dynamic performance stylings and ear-catching lyrics have lead Gwen Snyder to a career of continuous experimentation with the medium. Every performance ventures into unexplored territory, surprising and astounding fans at every turn.” – Joes Pub, NYC

“Headed by a sensually subtle voice distinctly delivered with a restless energy, Blueberrys Twilight packs a punch and perks up the ears from the very get go, making the listener thirsty for more.” – CD Baby

“Vocalist/Songwriter Gwen Snyder is cute as a button; I cant deny Snyders talent, her voice is alluring and she plays her electric velteeta Fender Rhodes effortlessly; upon listening to this New York City based band, I clearly understand that there will always be something out there to dumbfound me; this (Have Another Pillow) is not a middle of the road CD.” – Chronogram Magazine

“At Performance Space 122, the Southern Comfort voiced singer (Gwen Snyder as Janis Joplin) shows up as the ghostly, but definitely carnal muse of a rock star; Gwen Snyder gives an enjoyably game impersonation.” – New York Times

“Blueberry is sure to put on a groovy show of sexy-soft funk featuring intricate instrumentation, unpredictable rhythms, a triumphant brass section and beautiful, haunting piano ballads.” – Woodstock Times

“Gwen Snyder is a charming accordionist.” – New York Times

“Gwen Snyder is a whiskey throated wonder.” – Time Out New York

“Led by singer-songwriter, Gwen Snyder Blueberrys use of various instruments puts them in a league of their own in comparison to other pop groups out there” – Spotlite Magazine


CD Baby Review: Groovy, soulful and down to earth. Blueberry’s Twilight offers an inventive blend of rock, funk and blues delivered with a keen sense of melody and harmony, while fusing the bare bones rock band sound with lush orchestral horns and rich grand piano and organ. Headed by a sensually subtle voice distinctly delivered with restless energy, Twilight packs a punch and perks up the ears from the get go, making the listener thirst for more. Original songs with seamlessly flowing sections, centered around poetic lyrics of love, devotion, seduction and the everyday struggle for survival of the soul in a rigid world…Blueberry’s Twilight skillfully captures a moment of sound to relive again and again.